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Common purchase queries answered;

eSim Purchase

Your eSim will be delivered to your billing email address within minutes after your order has been successfully paid for. If you haven’t received your eSim within 15 minutes please check your spam/junk folder first, then confirm you typed the correct email address. If still nothing please contact

All our esim cards are data only. Some esim cards may work with calling but we don’t promote this as an option. We recommend you use free data calling apps such as Whatsapp, Line & Skype.

eSim functionality is designed to be one use only. This means you can download and activate your eSim and continue to use it for the duration/data paid for. Please DO NOT delete or remove your eSim as there is no ability to re-activate the eSim again. Most modern smartphones allow you to have multiple eSims loaded, but only use one a time. 

Please do not delete your eSim as it’s a one time activation. If you’re deleted your eSim after initially activating it and using it, you’ll need to purchase a new eSim. If you were unable to successfully activate your eSim, you can download and activate it again. If it says it’s already been activated then you’ll need a new eSim.

While it may seem counterintuitive, to activate your eSim you require a Wi-Fi connection. We recommend connecting to the airport wireless, or waiting until you get to your hotel. You need strong, reliable internet to activate your eSim – please be careful using weak signal i.e. 1 bar as it won’t work. Once connected to Wi-Fi either scan your eSim printout, or manually type the activation code details into your phones eSim addition screen. 

Ensure your mobile data is set to your eSim and mobile data roaming is turned on. 

Yes you do! If your phone is carrier locked (i.e. you’re on a monthly plan or have finance on your phone) you may have a locked phone and be unable to install and activate an eSim. We recommend following these instructions to check the status of your phone to avoid disappointment as all our eSims are non-refundable. 

Most of our eSims serve the international market and we buy them in USD so charging our clients in NZD and converting to USD isn’t possible. We charge in USD and keep our prices as low as possible. Please note you will pay in USD but your credit/debit card will convert the amount to NZD at a recent exchange rate and appear higher than the amount quoted on our website. All eSims on our website are in USD. 

Please note all eSims are non refundable so choose wisely. After our QR code and activation details are emailed, they cannot be removed or cancelled so we’re unable to offer any refund. 

If it's not working;

eSim Troubleshooting

Please print out the QR code, or send the email to another device such as a laptop or friends mobile, then scan the QR code from their device. Failing this, please use the manual activation steps. 

You can type the activation code into your phone rather than using the scan QR code. Make sure you type it correctly, it’s quite long.

There is no mobile number associated to our eSIMs. Therefore you cannot use them to setup a new Whatsapp or local food takeaway service. Please ensure you register for such service/s using your home mobile number before leaving for your holiday, so when you swap to use your eSIM you can continue to use these services. 

Make sure your data roaming is enabled – contrary to popular belief despite being local to a country you may have a sim card from another country so data roaming is required. Next please check your usage graph on your eSIM to ensure your phone hasn’t accidently used all your data to perform updates to software/system files. 

If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps please email

Please click on the link in your order confirmation to check the data usage/allowance on your eSIM. Please note there is a 15 minute delay in reporting. 

Yes most of our eSims allow hotspot data to be used however be careful as when your devices are connected to Wi-Fi they can use much more data from downloading updates. 

Nearly all our eSims are 4G with 3G in some remote areas. In most countries 5G is available but varies depending on the country, city and region and mobile tower you’re connected too. For most of our popular destinations, 5G is available at times but not country-wide. We make no guarantees on the speeds you’ll receive as it ultimately depends on telecommunications providers which is out of our control.

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