Terms & Conditions

Updated: 5th February 2024

By purchasing from eSIMs.nz you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Data Collection

We collect your name, email address and billing country/zip code andIP address/browser information only. We do not collect any other personal information or identifying information such as address, phone number or date of birth. We collect your IP address and browser information to combat fraud. Your data is stored securely and is only used for the purpose of tracking an eSIM product to an eSIM user/session. Your country and zip code are collected to calculate any GST to be collected on behalf of IRD.

1 eSIM Per Order Policy

Given our product/s are often delivered instantly after successful payment, we have limited our cart and checkout to 1 eSIM per order to prevent fraud/misuse. If you would like to order multiple eSIMs, please place multiple orders. We’ve made the checkout form very simple with only 4 fields required. You can create an account for quicker checkout too.

Returns & Refunds

eSIMs are a digital product/service. There is no physical sim card. The “e” in the word eSIM stands for electronic and is delivered via email and activated by scanning a QR code or manually typing an activation code into your mobile phone eSIM settings. Please ensure you aware of this fact and that your phone is indeed eSIM compatible and is network unlocked. We recommend you checkout our compatibility guide before purchase to avoid disappointment. If your phone is on finance with your mobile provider it may be locked and can’t be used with eSIMs.

We now offer a full refund on your eSIM if you are unable to activate the eSIM or change your mind within 7 days of activation/install (i.e. if you buy a 6 month sim and try to install it in 12 weeks, you must contact us within 7 days of the first day you tried to install it). Unlike some competitors, it doesn’t matter if you have installed the eSIM but you must have used 0MB of data. Once any data has been used the eSIM is non refundable, there is strictly no refunds – unless deemed faulty under New Zealand consumer law. For example, if your sim card stops working after 50% of usage and we’re unable to fix this for you remotely, you may be entitled to a refund. If you simply don’t use the full 100% allocation on your trip, there is no refunds for any remaining data.

If you are experiencing any issues such as initial activation or connection issues after initial data usage, you must contact support@esims.nz as soon as possible. Please do not wait until your eSIM has expired, or weeks after you experience the issue. You must give us as much detail as possible including; a) your mobile phone number, b) your mobile phone manufacturer and model, c) confirmation that your mobile is unlocked, d) your current location/country and e) any error messages or alerts. You agree that you will allow us to assist you in trying to resolve your issue/s first, and where no resolution is available – a refund will be provided.

eSIMs.nz will not provide a refund after 7 days of initial install/activation (this means if your sim expires in 6 months and you try to activate in 3 months – you get 7 days from the date you try to install it) if your mobile handset is locked, carrier-locked or incompatible with eSIM functionality. Please ensure you check your phone supports eSIM, data roaming (which must be enabled) and can be used with foreign sim card providers/telecommunication providers.

From time to time, due to events outside our control your eSIM may be unavailable. This includes but is not limited to force majeure which includes but is not limited to; natural disasters, third party outages, civil disasters, political events, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, acts of terrorism, wars, failure of telecommunications infrastructure, bankruptcy or administration of telecommunications providers. eSIMs.nz does not guarantee that any telecommunications network will be available at any time or all the time.

eSIM Compatibility Issue Refunds

If you try and activate an eSIM and find out your phone is blocked/locked or incompatible, please do not use any data! Remove the eSIM from your phone and request a refund by emailing support@esims.nz. We are more than welcome to try and assist you first, however carrier-locks are outside our control and can’t be bypassed so check your device before purchasing to avoid disappointment. You must send us an email within 7 days of initial activation from time of purchase and 0% of the data must be used. If any data has been used, there is no refund. 

If you change your mind or are unable to activate the sim card for whatever reason, please email support@esims.nz and request a refund within 7 days. Do not use any data or there is no refund.

Data Protection & Usage Tracking

We work with telecommunication providers around the world and while data protection and laws are strict in most countries, by using an eSIM from a foreign country we cannot track and monitor your actual usage similar to that you’d expect in New Zealand. We can however track a percentile of your data cap, i.e. 50% of a 1GB data plan. eSIMs.nz is not therefore not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of goods/services here in New Zealand and/or overseas. This includes any data usage, data loss, data logging, data tracking, data monitoring or data/call interception from any telecommunications provider or foreign agencies. Your IMEI number will be visible to foreign telecommunication providers while using an eSIM overseas.

Limitation of Liability

eSIMs.nz shall not be liable for any incidental, indirect, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages, lost profits or damages from lost data, data interception or business interruption from using our website or the product/s we sell.

Payments & Payment Fees

We currently accept payments via credit/debit card via Stripe. You will be charged a 3% payment processing fee. We keep our prices as low as possible and this payment fee is simply passed onto you minus a 30c charge our provider charges us. If you refund your order through change of mind you won’t receive this fee back. If your order is refunded under a consumer guarantee or faulty eSIM then you will receive a 100% refund including all original payment fees.

Payments are processed in New Zealand dollars. If you’ve got a credit/debit card issued in another country your bank will likely convert the amount into your local currency. Please note this may be more or less than you expected due to local currency exchange rate/s. eSIMs.nz has no control over the final amount you’ll pay. If your order is refunded, you will again be refunded in New Zealand dollars and may lose out/gain further due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates.


We only charge GST to customers who enter their billing country and zip code as New Zealand during checkout. Our system defaults your country based on your IP address to comply with local legislation. To comply with NZ law please ensure you choose your correct billing address during the checkout process. While we do issue a sales receipt for all orders, we do not issue GST receipts by default – if you need one for your business please email support@esims.nz with subject line, ‘GST Invoice Request’ and we’ll get back to you within 7 working days.

Pricing Errors

Every attempt as been made to ensure the prices displayed on our website are correct and genuine however from time to time pricing errors can occur either due to manual input or software glitches. If a pricing error has occurred we are under no obligation to fulfil your order and will email or call you to advise. We will likely cancel your order and provide a full refund, with a future credit or voucher, unless you’re happy to pay the correct price. A pricing error is deemed as a much lower price than the market price would expect to pay, for example paying $6 for 20GB of mobile data instead of $60.

Website Errors

While every effort is made to ensure our website is accurate and free from harm, eSIMs.nz does not guarantee that the website will be uninterrupted or free from malware, adware, spyware or viruses.

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